Wedding days

Every wedding anniversary is worth flowers.

It is a perfect occasion to give flowers to the dearest one on wedding or engagement day.

Remembering your own wedding day will make your loved one happy, and he/she will be even more delighted when receiving flowers for the celebrations. Children might as well remember their parents wedding day, especially starting from Silver wedding day.

Bieder will deliver the anniversary flowers, no matter where your loved one is at the moment.

Wedding days (Finnish)
1. Cotton or Paper
2. Paper or Cotton
3. Leather
4. Pottery
5. Wood
6. Sugar or Iron
7. Wool or Copper
8. Bronze or Brass or Rubber
9. Chrome or Bronze or Willow or Clay or Linen
10. Tin or Porcelain
11. Steel
12. Silk or Copper
12,5. Copper or Nickel
13. Lace
14. Ivory
15. Chrystal
20. Bronze (20 years together) or Porcelain
25. Silver
30. Pearl or Ivory
35. Coral
40. Ruby
45. Saphire
50. Gold
55. Emerald
60. Diamond
65. Crown Diamond
75. Iron