What is the flower shop Bieder?

Bieder Flower Shop is an affordable flower shop operating in the capital region, with stores in Helsinki and Espoo.

Where does flower shop Bieder deliver flowers?

Bieder delivers flowers to the entire capital region and surrounding municipalities. Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen are the core area for deliveries. We also deliver flowers from our own stores to Kirkkonummi, Vihti, Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Kerava, Järvenpää and Sipoo.


Does Bieder also deliver flowers to other parts of Finland?

Bieder is part of the Finnish DataFlora flower delivery chain, through us you can get flowers all over Finland and more than 100 countries. You can easily place an order on Bieder’s website, just enter the recipient’s address and on the right side of the page you will see the delivery fee and the shop to which it will be delivered.


Can I choose the delivery time?

Delivery time is a supplier-specific additional service. Bieder delivers flowers in four “waves” (by 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.). You can choose your preferred delivery time when ordering from the online store. Deliveries at other times are also possible, so-called on-time deliveries. On-time deliveries are ordered by phone. Deliveries to funerals always take place one hour before the announced blessing time.


Is Bieder Finnish?

Bieder flower shop is a Finnish company, the name Bieder comes from the Biedermeier binding style, which has a circularity created with colors and shapes. The Biedermeier style was used especially in bridal bouquets and is the first identified style of bridal tying. Today, Biedermaier bouquets often mean a low round bouquet.


What is Bieder Funeral Home?

Funeral home Bieder is part of the same company group. Funeral home Bieder operates in the capital region and Turku. You can visit Hautastoimisto Bieder at www.hautaustoimistobieder.fi


Why is a bouquet often cheaper at Market than at a flower shop?

The flower shop’s bouquets are all handmade in Finland. Market “bundles” are usually so-called bundles and they are tied with machines developed for series production in Holland. In grocery stores, flowers sometimes also act as pull-in products and they may even be sold at a loss, because the customer is expected to also buy other products whose sales margin makes up for the losses from flower sales. This kind of pricing model cannot be used in flower shops. In flower shops, flower bouquets are always tied by a specialist in the field who has special expertise and knowledge of plants. Florists have behind them several years of training leading to a specialized vocational qualification. The price of flower bouquets also includes the price of the work done by a professional in the field.


What is the difference between a bouquet and the bouquet?

The bouquet is always tied with a so-called spiral. Such the bouquet fits well in a vase and keeps its shape. In a bouquet, the flowers are simply bundled together. Bundles often also have a rubber band or iron wire to keep the bundle together. An elastic band is never used in a bouquet.


Cheap vs. Expensive

The price of bouquets as such can never be compared. When comparing prices, you have to take into account the number of flowers, varieties, length of stems, bouquet model and amount of work, etc. A cheaper bouquet has fewer flowers and is usually more airy than a slightly more expensive bouquet. A denser bouquet is always more expensive than a loosely tied bouquet. Bieder and flower shops produce bouquets of all prices, according to the customer’s order and wishes.


How do I build a spectacular space decoration with flowers?

Living flowers create coziness and speak of hospitality. Flowers can be used in all situations, as they do not arouse any negative feelings in guests. The use of flowers in decoration is also ecological compared to other products used in decoration. The design of the space decoration starts from the theme of the event and the framework of the event space. Flowers can be used in entrances, as table flowers, stage decorations, general decorations of the space. In flower decoration, the best price-quality ratio is achieved when flowers can be used above the line of sight, e.g. on columns or on high pedestals. On the other hand, with table flowers, it is good to note that the decoration does not interfere with the conversation or eye contact of the table party.


How much does decorating a space with flowers cost?

It is not possible to give price estimates for the flower decoration of the event space without knowing in advance how the space is to be decorated. Instead, you can use the 4-8€/person price range for table settings. Bieder florist professionals are happy to prepare flower decoration plans and calculate the offer for both small and large events.